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— Norbert Lou

Aggregator Economics

This article about Hulu in the NY Times contained the following interesting excerpt: Mr. Kilar [Jason Kilar, Hulu’s CEO] points to his company’s new profitability as evidence of the success of Hulu’s business model — collecting various types of video in one place and making it free, supported by ads. Revenue topped $100 million in […]

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Southwestern Energy: Value Investing in Real Life

One of my ongoing interests is how great value investors can be found allocating capital within companies, not just in companies’ securities.  In other words, you don’t have to be a money manager per se to be a value investor and many of the best value investors work in “real” companies.  If you are in […]

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Buffett on M&A Valuation

I struggle a little to conceptualize in my own head the idea of one company issuing undervalued stock in order to acquire another company.  I understood that a company dilutes its existing shareholders when it issues undervalued stock, but I couldn’t exactly quantify it.  In this CNBC interview transcript (starting at page 17) Warren Buffett […]

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