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— Norbert Lou

A specialist newsletter of current case studies in fundamental value investing, featuring the world’s most intriguing investors

"The Private Investment Brief is the most insightful and thought-provoking publication I read,
by a wide margin."

"The PIB is the most fertile source I’ve come across for finding unique, high-quality investment and business insights. I devour every issue the moment it’s released because I am guaranteed
to learn something new."

"The PIB’s ability to make often-complex subjects digestible, interesting, and insightful is second to none. I feel smarter every time I read it."

"Having spent the better part of two decades in the investment business, I can say with confidence that the PIB contains some of the best thinking I’ve come across."

"The Private Investment Brief is a one-of-a-kind publication that anyone with an appetite to study the craft of value investing should subscribe to. Every issue not only lays out an actionable investment idea, but I also always end up getting insights on how to refine my thinking and investment process. It’s one of the few investment publications that I put in the ‘must read immediately‘ category."

There is no shortage of written content aimed at investors, from online stock pitches to manager interviews to tweets. But this vast universe has a quieter corner, where students of fundamental value investing can read and think. It’s a small world perhaps, but a sincere and private one. This is the world of the Private Investment Brief.

Founded in 2010 as the original Santangel’s Review newsletter, the PIB publishes case studies of investment ideas. Each case study presents an investment thesis that can be acted on, but we aim to go beyond the typical table-pounding elevator pitch and "invest in ourselves" by exploring various themes–industry history, accounting wrinkles, recurring patterns of success and failure, etc.–that give food for thought to the fundamental value investor. We invite you to read a free sample issue to see for yourself.

We usually collaborate on our case studies with some of the best small money managers in the world—often years before they become well known to institutional investors—for whom the PIB provides perhaps the best showcase of their daily work. This has earned the PIB a discreet and loyal subscriber base of family offices, foundations, endowments, and individual investors—as well as many other money managers worldwide. We invite you to join us and subscribe.



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About the Publisher:

Nadav Manham is the founder and publisher of the Private Investment Brief. A graduate of Yale College, he worked for Elliott Management Corporation and is the co-founder of Santangel’s Review.